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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


We continued on down Rt 2 on Sunday to one of the kids favorite stops.http://www.deerfielddinos.com/

Bella and Billy have been visiting Deerfield Dinos: Rock Fossil and Dino Shop for years with John's parents. A quaint fun spot that is more than the eye sees at first glance. As you walk up to the shop the water flume is very obvious, and one of the key attractions. Yet the fun does not stop there. Once you enter the shop you are surrounded by all types of rocks, fossils, and bones.  When you head towards the rear of the store you can find Mine shafts that the kids can explore to find treasure (for a fee). Once outside in the back of the building, you enter into a land of Dinosaurs. With Sandpits to dig for fossils to bring home also for a fee.

Prices for the Activites are very reasonable. Each child gets a pamphlet that helps them figure out what treasure they found and what country it came from. Our ride home was not spoiled by one "I'm bored" or "Are we almost home?". They studied their gems/stones and shared the information they found with John and I. They told us about birthstones, rocks that are used to make makeup and more.
We did hear many I can't wait to go backs and can you wrap this one to use for jewelry?

Bella and Billy each got their own bag to pan for gems/stones with our total spent $18 ($9/bag)

Please visit here to see the pricing: http://www.deerfielddinos.com/activities/

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